How to Unblock the Best Gambling Websites Worldwide

For many gambling is an occasional indulgence to be enjoyed when the big horse race of the year is on TV. Yet, the term gambling is also associated with unethical way of earning money by those who do not approve of the act of gambling. Ever since the Free Trade and Processing act was passed in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda in 1994, gambling has seen a tremendous growth worldwide. But it is the legalization of online gambling and availability of secure gambling software that has catapulted online gambling into greater heights. Users can now access online casinos and place safe betting transactions, all from the comfort of their homes.Fixed IP VPN for Gambling

Today, online gambling has become one of the most lucrative segments of worldwide gaming business with various forms such as casinos, sports betting, poker, horse racing, mobile gaming and many more. It is the advances in security and transparency that have made the appeal of these sites much more mainstream. Many gambling sites are located in far-flung parts of the world and you need to be sure that your money or credit card/bank details do not end up in the hands of a third party or seen by prying eyes across networks. This is where Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come in handy.

In 2011, many popular online casinos and gambling websites including Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars were hit by a US crackdown on gambling. Gambling can be difficult especially if you happen to travel to countries such as Italy where foreign bookmakers are banned. If you happen to travel to such countries, you will certainly need the best gambling VPN services to access gambling sites safely. A fixed IP for gambling will help to disguise your IP address so that you can access gambling websites anonymously worldwide including sites that are geo-restricted.

Worldwide gambling VPNs have servers located in different countries so that whichever country you visit, you can map your IP address to appear local to your online bookmakers and gambling websites. Virtual Private Networks usually protect information across networks through data encryption so that any information passed between you and the gambling site is highly secure and anonymous to other network users. Many of the biggest bookmakers are located in the UK so users will need to get a static ip UK to enable them to ‘virtually reside’ there and open and manage their accounts.

Although dynamic VPN IP address is usually recommended for secure communication, this is not a good option if you are in online gambling. Having a dynamic IP address means that the IP will keep on changing often which brings in the risk of sharing an IP address with someone who also does online gambling. This would look suspicious to the bookie for it would appear like you have two, or worse still, multiple accounts using the same IP address. Fixed VPN IP address is therefore preferred for online gambling. You can get a static ip from which will help you access the sites that you want to use.