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The sovereign Arab State of Qatar is a country bordering Saudi Arabia to the south in western Asia and occupying only a small portion of the Arabian Peninsula on the northeasterly coast. Since 19th century, Qatar has been ruled by the Al Thani family as a hereditary emirate and was a British protectorate until independence in 1971. For those early years, Qatar was one of the poorest states in the Persian Gulf only known for its pearl hunting but in recent years, it has emerged as one of the wealthiest states in the region due to its vast oil and natural gas revenues.

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Doha Skyline

Internationally, Qatar has developed close military ties with the United States and serves as a Combined Air Operations Center and US Central Command Forward’s Headquarters. Most of the political and economic activities are centered in Doha, the capital city of Qatar with Arabic being the official language although English is also widely spoken. Ever since the main television network, Al Jazeera, was launched in 1996, Qatar has become more known to the rest of the world and has seen an influx of foreign tourists flying into and through the country.

The Doha International Airport, which is Qatar’s main airport, served almost 15 million passengers in 2007 showing increased interest in visiting Qatar as a tourist destination. Qatar has made deliberate efforts to attract more foreign tourists through advancement of transport and hospitality. The Arab state has diverse tourism activities such as Kite-surfing and desert dune-bashing safari tours but it is the internet censorship in Qatar that acts as a deterrent to many oversees travellers. Internet in Qatar, just like many other Arab countries, is filtered and highly restricted and it is always difficult or impossible to access internet services such as YouTube, Skype, Chat rooms or social media sites such as Facebook.

According to the OpenNet Initiative, an organization that investigates internet filtering around the world, Qatar internet access is classified as Pervasive and Selective meaning much content in several categories is blocked and a number of specific sites are blocked. Although Qatar is one of the most internet-connected countries in the Arab region, oversees travellers to Qatar find many sites to be either inaccessible or blocked, therefore Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) become a major part of internet connection in Qatar. The only effective solution to bypass Qatar internet filters is through a Qatar VPN service or through Qatar proxy servers.

Although Qatar internet filters mostly target political criticism of Gulf countries, pornography, sexual health resources, gay and lesbian content, dating and escort services, privacy and circumvention tools and other areas, internet users report that non-offensive or non-obscene sites are also blocked. Most of the internet filtering and blocking in Qatar is relatively transparent since an alert block page is served to the user but as an internet user who values free speech this is little consolation.

You can find internet hotspots easily in Doha from hotels, internet cafes and petrol stations. All you need is an internet card and a device to access internet but you will certainly get frustrated by the heavy filtering and blocking of websites. If you are travelling to Qatar or planning to relocate to Qatar maybe on a working Visa program, you will need the best Qatar VPN solution to bypass internet filters and access unrestricted internet. This will unblock all websites and allow you to surf the internet anonymously and with total online privacy.


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