The Great China Firewall – Can It Be Beaten?

China is among the foremost countries to impose restrictions when it comes to accessing data over the internet or using internet services such as email, downloads or accessing social media websites. Ever since the Chinese government tightened its grip on the Great Firewall of China (GFC) and internet censorship, even the best VPNs in China have been reporting total blockage or disruptions to their services in different parts of China. Internet censorship in China is conducted under a wide variety of laws and administrative regulations. The governmental authorities not only block website content but also monitor the Internet access of individuals.

Chinese FlagSadly, crackdowns like these hinder commerce, media, and reporting coming out of China and can even slow down sites that use social media plugins. Although many users of VPNs in China still claim they can access uninterrupted and uncensored internet through China’s VPNs, several services reports heavy refunds to their Chinese customers. Sites such as search engine Google and news site MSN have become difficult to access. Lately, the continuing internet blockage by China’s Great Firewall has taken another turn for the worse. VPNs formerly usable inside China to access sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and certain web searches, have been hobbled with users are now scrambling to find alternate providers.

Several foreign and best China VPN companies that enable Internet users in China to get around the Great Firewall of censors say they are having trouble serving their clients, which is complicating the work of foreign journalists and businesses. Well known and big Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers in China published blog posts and sent letters to customers saying their servers are being blocked in China because of seeming changes in the firewall. Although online access is not entirely impossible, online activities in China are extremely restricted and what is off limits may change from minute to minute. Without stable VPN access in China, companies there could have serious problems doing business with the rest of the world. And that could be a problem for Chinese government too.

A lot of companies use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in order to transfer data, especially into and out of China. Banks, E-commerce companies or any firm that is transferring very sensitive information has to use corporate and secure VPNs for data security. Although encrypted VPN systems have long been the surefire way to get around China’s Great Firewall that may be changing. Several VPN providers in China are attributing this to a new government tool used in the Great Firewall that can “learn, discover and block” encrypted traffic going through VPNs. This reinforcing tool uses intelligent technology that automatically prevents encrypted communication.

Several VPN companies in China are suggesting changes in VPN configuration to their customers but these are just temporary measures. Sneaking through the Firewall using port randomization (sending traffic through odd ports not usually associated with VPN or web traffic) can still cause some connection and authentication problems. So how can you access and use uninterrupted and uncensored internet in China? Is it possible to beat and bypass this firewall? China’s Great Firewall can still be bypassed and one can still use uninterrupted and uncensored internet in China but it will require the services of a reliable and robust VPN that works in China.

Trusted VPN providers for China such as NetIgnition, which supply a ’boutique’ Premium VPN services to its users, has robust monitoring tools that can quickly react and beat any access blockage in real-time to ensure that users enjoy uninterrupted services. There are several suppliers that provide services in China but many have their domains blocked, which means fewer users are able to sign up while living inside China. Many of these VPN providers have resorted to offering specific instructions for getting reliable VPN access in China. There is no doubt that bypassing internet censorship in China will entirely depend on finding the most reliable and robust VPN provider that works in China.

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